Full Steam Ahead


Well after four weeks at the college I have managed to complete all the basic tasks. These include making a mallet, bench hook, oil stone box and selection of joints.

All these excercises are used to developed the handling and technique with the different hand tools. Whilst doing the excercises you begin to understand why it’s done a certain way. You also learn to follow plans and drawings.

The standard is very high and if it doesn’t pass the expert eyes of Ian Cooke, the task will be done again. It really teaches you to take care in your work and to make sure it’s done right first time. It’s very much based on getting the students ready for ‘real world’ applications.



One thought on “Full Steam Ahead

  1. Hi Jeff,

    Great to read your blog. Is it really 4 weeks already? At this rate it will be Christmas before you know it. Tomorrow morning I plan to put up a post on the Orkney Historic Boat Society Facebook page, including a link to your blog.

    You already appear to be performing to a high standard. Keep up the good work.

    Best regards,


    Sent from Michael McLaughlin’s iPad



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