The Box!


Ok, what you see here is the front, back and sides for the toolbox exercise, taped up and ready to glue. Getting to this stage though hasn’t been plain sailing.

When I received the timber for the box I cut it to the lengths required. Unfortunately one of the end pieces looked like it would be more at home on the bottom of a rocking chair rather than a toolbox, but this is the nature of the beast. Wood is a natural product and quite often doesn’t do straight lines. At this point I was left with a choice, carry on with the twisted piece and hope that the joints pull it straight and true or cut a new piece altogether. In the end I decided to keep the ugly duckling, but a swan it did not turn out. After days of cutting and trimming dovetails I was ready and tried the pieces together for a dry fit. The crooked end piece had managed to twist the whole box and it was rocking like a seesaw. Plan B. Cut a new end piece, cut all the sockets for the dovetails and fit the mitres, again! Once the fit was archived the top was rebated to accept the top lid piece.

And this is the product. Four pieces ready for glue, clamps and some persuasion  from Mr Mallet.


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