The Glue Up!


As you can see here is the toolbox, glued up and left to set. The process was not what I thought it would be. Again Ian Cooke never fails to surprise and his methods, which are beautifully simple, prove their worth once again.

Here we go! Cascamite mixed and brush in hand, ready to start. With so many dovetails to apply with glue I was in full panic mode, desperately covering every surface as quickly as I could in the fear the joints would swell up to much to fit together. But all was well and after applying the glue the dovetails slipped together with no issues. I had it in my head that there would be dozens of clamps around the box holding it in place while the glue dries. Ian had other ideas and instructed me to gather only one clamp. I know by now not to question his methods. We clamped up the top edge of one end brought it tight. Then a brad was applied in the corners, in top and through the dovetails holding them dead. Once this was done to all the corners we checked for square, measuring the box diagonals. It wasn’t square but this was rectified but squeezing the longer diagonal until the lengths were equal. This can be seen in the picture above.

Exess glue cleaned off and left overnight to set. But work doesn’t stop there. With a lid stop, weather strips, bottom runners and tray runners to manufacture the Record No.4 plane was sharpened and put to work. Once the box is dry a plywood lid will be fitted inside the rebate, glued and left to set also. Watch this space!


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