Hello Stranger!


Hello everyone, sorry for the lack of updates. My own fault for using up all my data for the month. Anyway, as you can see here is the toolbox in all its glory. There are a few trays to go inside which I am currently making, varnishing which will come during the paint and varnish course. The rope handles will be done during the rope knots and splicing course. Here’s a quick breakdown of how the box progressed.

After the top and bottom were glued on, I had the job of cutting the lid. For this we use a tenon saw that Ian Cooke has setup for ripping along the grain. This old saw WILL NOT cut true. I think this might be deliberate in order to test us for planing the lid and box for a good fit. Once fitting the lid is hinged and the lid stop is also fitted. The lock is then installed and after the weather strips too. When the weather strips have been adjusted to fit the lid the catch is attached and the lids can lock. The next 20 minutes are then spent playing with the lock and key. At her that things really sped up! Because all of the timber had been planed while glue was setting it was all ready to fit. The tray runner went in, then the bottom rails and then the skirting. Getting there now. Finally a pair of handle were formed and fitted to the sides of the box.

Once the lid was fitted the remaining jobs seemed to fly past. I guess the monotony of cutting dovetails and planing timbers was over it was just a case of cutting and installing. It felt like you were doing a different job everyday and it all came together very quickly.

At the moment I’m making the tool trays that fit within the toolbox but work will have to come to a stop for a few days as I am taking a course in rigging and wire splicing. Ian is taking a weeks holiday next week too so we will be doing a few courses in that time. These will include; timber technology and machine regulations.

I’ll try not to leave it so long between updates in the future. Happy sailing!


4 thoughts on “Hello Stranger!

  1. Well done Jeff. Looks to be a top job and you are well ahead of the person at the bench behind you. Are the trays dovetail jointed as well.


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