One more coat!


Appologies for the picture. It may not be clear at first but this is a panel I painted during our latest course, Paint & Varnish.

This course covers the different types of coverings and their uses. Also surface preperation, primers, undercoats, sealers, brushes, non-skid and masking off.

We are given panels that we must prep and paint with a top coat using techniques to help give a mirror finish. We also try some varnishing. I am currently using the techniques I learned to varnish the toolbox. This may take some time as its advised 8 coats should be applied.


We practiced applying non-skid too. This involved sprinkling silver sand on top of a wet coat of paint and then 5 coats on top of the sand, allowing time between coats for paint to dry. The non-skid is essential for painted decks where grip is required to stop crew slipping and falling in wet conditions.


Last but not least, we were shown how to mark out and mask off for a waterline. This is an important consideration when you come to apply anti fouling.



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